For the realization of a prosperous society that we can be proudly passed on to our children,
SB Energy is actively promoting the spread of renewable energy.


Through the Golden Triangle,
SB Energy strives to become a Platformer and
Service Provider of Renewable Energy.

  • Bits
  • Mobility
  • Watts
  • Golden

SB Energy sets its core business in three categories: the Watts Business that generates power using natural energy; the Bits Business that combines renewable energy with AI and IoT to build energy platforms;and the Mobility Business that combines renewable energy with battery cells of electric vehicles (EVs) etc. to develop services. Based on these three categories, we expand our business domains and help spread the use of renewable energy.

Through the Golden Triangle of the Bits, Watts, and Mobility Businesses, we build energy platforms in Japan and the world. We also build new business models to cope with massive industrial structure changes, being prompted as renewable energy is now redefining industries.


For the realization
of a prosperous society
that we can be proudly
passed on to our children

On 11th of March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident was induced by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The myth of absolute safety crumbled and we were confronted with the need to seriously consider energy issues for our future.
In order to resolve these challenges in the 100 or 200 years term, a reliable, safe and sustainable new energy source is required. Renewable energy can resolve the problems and expectations grow for photovoltaic and wind power generation.
For the realization of a rich society that we can be proudly passed on to our children we are actively promoting the spread of renewable energy.

Director & Chairman
Masayoshi Son

孫 正義

Toward a new era
where the renewable energy
redefines all industries

The historical Paris Agreement has spurred the use of renewable energy around the globe, making it a choice for its economic rationality, rather than purely from environmental perspectives.
Since the 1st Industrial Revolution, history has always revolved around the paradigm shifts on communication, energy and transportation. Now the rise of AI and evolution of technology is redefining the game structures of all the industries. Against these backdrops, SB Energy sets its business cores in the Bits, Watts, and Mobility – aiming to create an energy platform that is reliable, safe and persistently available. That is the platform that underpins our Softbank Group’s Information Revolution pursued since its foundation. Through these approaches SB Energy will strive upon to expand the use of renewable energy in Japan and the world.

Representative Director & CEO
Shigeki Miwa

三輪 茂基


Mar. 2011
The Great East Japan Earthquake
(SoftBank Group begins considering entry into energy business)
Oct. 2011
SB Energy Corp established
Jul. 2012
FIT introduced
SoftBank Kyoto Solar Park, SoftBank Shinto Solar Park start operations
Sep. 2013
Demand response demonstration experiment
Jan. 2014
The largest solar park in the Chugoku region SoftBank Tottori Inago Solar Park starts operation
Dec. 2015
The largest domestic park SoftBank Tomatoh Abira Solar Park starts operation (as of December 2015)
Jun. 2016
The first wind park Wind Farm Hamada starts operation
Jul. 2016
METI grants indirect subsidy to SB Energy for Virtual Power Plant projects
Mar. 2017
Tomakomai Yufutsu Mega Solar was acquired
Apr. 2017
The largest domestic mega solar equipped with energy storage system SoftBank Tomatou Abira Solar Park starts construction
Oct. 2017
Tsetsii Wind Farm in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia starts operations
Apr. 2018
SoftBank Akita Kotooka Wind Farm starts construction
Jun. 2018
Virtual Power Plan business receives indirect subsidy and expands experiments in Tokyo and Kansai regions.

Company Profile

Company Name
SB Energy Corp.
Scope of Business

1. Generation, supply and sale of electricity and energy produced from renewable sources

2. Install, sale and purchase, operation and maintenance of equipment used for generating renewable energy

3. Planning, production and operation of various events relating to renewable energy

4. Research and provision of information regarding renewable energy sources

5. Adjustment of supply and demand of electricity

6. Investment, acquisition, holding and management of securities

7. Sale and purchase, leasing, brokerage, maintenance of realty and other related matters

8. Sale and purchase, and brokerage of pre-owned articles

9. Loan of money, brokerage of loan, guarantee of liabilities, transaction of financial instruments, and other finance related businesses

10. Provision of services, training and consultation related to all above mentioned

11. Other related matters all above mentioned

Tokyo Shiodome Building 1-9-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Director & Chairman
Masayoshi Son
Representative Director & CEO
Shigeki Miwa
SoftBank Group Corp. 100%
3,154 Million Yen
Establishment Date
October 6, 2011
Number of Employees
136 (as of February 1, 2019)


Tokyo Shiodome Building, 1-9-1, Higashi Shimbashi , Minato-ku, Tokyo

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