Solar Asset Management

We provide one-stop service from financing,
development and maintenance of Mega Solar project.

Solar plant operation is attracting investors amid a deregulation of electric power. Utilizing the know-hows on plant operations, SB Energy provides comprehensive support from development, operation, and stakeholder management.

Comprehensive support from
development to operation



Contractor Selection

Construction Management



03Shared Service


Stakeholder Management

SPC Management

Regional Liaison

Not limited to construction, there are multiple tasks involved in development of a solar plant on each phase of the project such as financing, establishment and management of SPC, negotiation with Utility and local government, and briefing local residents. Utilizing the proven track record in the Mega Solar operations from Hokkaido to Kyusyu, SB Energy supports the entire process from the begining to the end.


Development Support

We have built strong relationships with onshore and offshore financial institutions. We provide advice on investment structure, support negotiation with institutions, and asists formulating supporting contracts.
Contractor Selection
We select best suited contractors based on our experience and bargaining power gained through various sizes of projects domestically and internationally.
Construction Management
We assign a project manager on consigned projects and manage it the same way we do for our own projects. A group of specialists from project manager, technical experts, stakeholder manager, and community negotiator is assigned to manage the project to be on a budget.


Operations Support

Detecting abnormality, monitoring and analyzing performance, we operate power plants in a stable manner in the long run.


Shared Service

We provide one-stop service from reporting to financial institutions, creation and management of covenants, and cash management. We also provide periodical reporting to the project owner.
Stakeholder Management
We maintain good relationships with all stakeholders. We visit land owners and local government periodically in order to gain their understanding and cooperation on the project.
With abundant experiences in outsourcing services for SPC management, we manage SPC in an appropriate way.
Establishing collaborative relationship with local government, we ensure the community-based operation. Having a team of liaison experts and rolling out the community contribution programs, we have abundant know-hows.

3 Reasons Why SB Energy is Your Choice

  • Reassuring Stable
    Business Structure

    SB Energy is a 100% subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. We have the stable business structure backed by the group credibility and synergy. You can rely on us for a long term project of 20 years.

  • Availability across
    the nation

    We operate power plants across the nation from Hokkaido to Kyusyu. Collaborating with local partners and accumulating know-hows in each region, we are available anywhere in Japan.

  • Abundant know-hows and
    track records

    SB Energy is a dedicated renewable energy producer. We provide services based on the accumulated know-hows from plant operation in 24 locations across Japan (5 of them are extra-high-voltage), totaling 258MW in size.

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