SB Energy sets its core business in three categories:
the Watts Business that generates power using natural energy;
the Bits Business that combines renewable energy with AI and IoT to build energy platforms;
and the Mobility Business that combines renewable energy
with battery cells of electric vehicles (EVs) etc. to develop services.
Based on these three categories, we expand our business domains and help spread the use of renewable energy.

WattsRenewable energy generation business
at home and abroad

  • Hydroelectric
  • Geothermal
  • Photovoltaic
  • Unique Renewable
  • Biomass
  • Wind

Creating portfolio
for sustainable development
of renewable energy

Since its foundation in 2011, SB Energy has been promoting power generation business with an aim to expand the use of renewable energy. For delivering a low-carbon society, we define our renewable energy generation business as the Watts Business and drive it in Japan and around the world.

In July 1, 2012, when a purchase scheme was introduced to help promote renewable energy, SB Energy started its first solar power plant operations in Kyoto City and Gunma Prefecture. Ever since we have been building our business foundation through the dialogue with the local governments and community residents. The way we applied project financing had expanded and gave momentum for new market joiners regardless of the corporate size to pursue business activities and contributed to the increased renewable generation. Building upon our business base in Japan, in October 2017, we have started our first overseas wind power operations in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. The renewable energy projects in Japan has grown with the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme, however, it is only a time-bound support for the initial stage where the industry develops its infrastructure. Some countries have discontinued the scheme as the renewable energy gained competitiveness. We are faced with the challenge to build a new business model that can be sustained under the market mechanism without depending on the FIT.
SB Energy is promoting the power business domestically and internationally that is economically independent of FIT. Middle East and India have already established the renewable business that is cost competitive against the cutting-edge thermal power system. These know-hows are applied in Japan and other parts of the world to make the renewable energy the main source of energy.
In our Watts business, we are creating our unique renewable energy portfolio. Without being excessively reliant on the variable sources of solar and wind, we are aiming to become the power generator who is capable of combining biomass, water and geothermal to match up with the demand curve.
We also set out to establish the access to renewable energy anywhere anytime by combining the Watts, Bitts and Mobility business. As a Japanese energy company, SB Energy expands its business to various parts of the world with the technological strength gained through the numerous projects in Japan.

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List of Power Projects

Information available for our power plants currently in operation and under development.

Asset Management Service

We offer a one-stop service for development and operation of solar parks.

  • Reassuring stable
    business structure
  • Availability across
    the nation
  • Abundant know-hows
    and track records

BitsVirtual Power Plant business
through integration of AI and IoT

  • Power Plant
  • Electric
    Water Heater
  • Home
  • AI
  • EV
  • Energy
  • IoT
  • IoT
  • IoT
  • IoT

Smart use of energy

The stable supply of electricity is one of the issues arise from the expansion of renewable generation. The utility company could instruct power generators to halt the plants and thus apply curtailment when supply is forecasted to surpass demand.

SB Energy defines the combination of AI, IoT and energy business as the Bits business, and aims to balance the further expansion of renewable energy and the stable operation of electricity infrastructures.
SB Energy has been selected as one of the aggregators for the Virtual Power Plan (VPP) verification testing led by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) since 2016. We have started the experiment in Iki City of Nagasaki Prefecture, followed by additional testing in the regions under the Kyusyu Electric Power Co., the Tokyo Electric Power Co., and the Kansai Electric Power Co. We also have developed and provided the resource control systems to other companies and establish the environment suitable for the VPP business.
By utilizing AI, IoT and the block chain technologies, we set out to create the new business that is linked to the Watts and the Mobility businesses, and to establish the social infrastructure that allows us to utilize electricity wisely.


VPP( Virtual Power Plant ) is a solution that provides an adjustment function to power distribution grids by using IoT to manage distributed power, energy storage, EVs, and heat pumps like one power station. SB Energy has won an indirect subsidy from METI to run the VPP verification projects.

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MobilityElectric vehicle ( EV ) business
and Stationed energy
storage system ( ESS ) business

  • Improvement of energy
    storage technologies
  • Renewable energy
    converted to mileage
    available at any time

Paradigm shift through
combining renewable energy
and battery storage

To ensure stability in power system operations, power demand and supply must always be equal in volume. Thus to promulgate renewable energy, we must create demand that can absorb the supply. SB Energy defines the creation of new business that utilize power storage system as the Mobility Business.

The goal is to build infrastructure to introduce competitive and clean energy sources.
For the effective use of electricity, the power once generated must be transformed into a value easily applicable in daily life. Photovoltaic and wind power generation can easily fluctuate depending on weather. The ever changing supply volume makes it difficult to ensure the creation of real time demand. Energy storage technology is a promising solution that ensures a stable demand of energy without being affected by the supply.
Stationed Energy Storage System (ESS) is a viable demand/supply adjuster, which will play a crucial role in large power plants both in Japan and abroad. EV is equipped with a battery that can turn energy into mileage and is expected to increase to support SDGs, or the Sustainable Development Goals. SB Energy is envisioning a paradigm shift of transportation, combining batteries and renewable energy.

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